So I rebuilt the site

I decided to rebuild my personal site for a multitude or reasons. Mostly because I wanted to roll my own site by using a multitude of technologies that I wasn't using on the old wordpress site. I'm hoping that I'll force myself to push my current skills when it comes to building a \"lightweight blogging\" platform. I kind of want to go with a slow build up and conquer the problems as they come up, so we'll see how that goes.

If you're reading this, and there is no update at the bottom of the article then this site is currently built in a static manner. It's a combination of Dustjs to make the static pages and Gruntjs to generate them. For the most part, right now I'm using bootstrap fairly out of the box with a few minor customizations. More than likely, I'll go beyond that in the future. I plan to move to a more dynamic site in which I hope to use as my lab rat for Golang and MongoDB.